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If you are reading this blog then we hope that you are interested in participating in the 2020 City Nature Challenge. One of the first steps is to join iNaturalist. If you are Canadian, please go to and join. To verify if your iNat account is associated with Canada simply review your iNat profile settings.

Why associate with
iNaturalist Canada is a member of the iNaturalist Network (a collection of localized websites that are fully connected to the global iNaturalist community). Network sites are supported by local institutions that have signed an agreement with iNaturalist to promote local use and benefit local biodiversity. They have access to true coordinates from their countries that are automatically obscured from public view in order to protect threatened species.

How does iNat deal with postings of species that are threatened/endangered or of conservation concern?
Coordinates are automatically obscured for all taxa that are "NEAR THREATENED" or worse according to the IUCN Red List, with some exceptions. NatureServe Canada's Conservations Data Centers (CDCs), establish and maintain the conservation statuses for each province and territory (except Quebec) that control the automatically obscured taxa. In the Maritimes the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre (ACCDC) is located in Sackville, NB.

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