Field Orno Day 4: Delta Park

Today I hit my all time high in terms of number of species seen/heard. It was hard to get interpretable recordings because there were SO many birds all calling over one another, lots of people walking/talking on the bike path, and it was windy so the sound of wind washed out birds in the recordings sometimes. All the bird pictures are accredited to Elizabeth Kaufmann! I am particularly proud though of my recording of the Warbling Vireo! I heard/saw a lot of firsts for me today such as the Belted Kingfisher, Great Crested Flycatcher, Caspian Tern, and the Barn Swallow.

Upon arriving at Delta Park, it was ~56 degrees F with scattered clouds, ~37% humidity, and the wind was blowing NNW at ~9 mph. While there, the wind peaked at 16 mph in the northern direction. Upon departure the temperature had risen to ~72 degrees F, the wind was blowing NE at ~8 mph, and the humidity lowered to ~26%.

The habitat was very much mixed which is probably why I was able to see so many different species today! The park was along the Winooski River which explains how I saw the Warbling Vireo since it is a primarily riparian species. The park also had a great coastline along Lake Champlain so I was able to see a lot of water birds such as the Caspian Tern. Further inland there were marshes and shrubby vegetation. The entrance to the park is within a neighborhood that hosted some suburban species like the Northern Cardinal that we saw. Along the bike path, either side was surrounded by dense patches of forestland, some parts were fragmented by roads and houses.

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