Final MIIDGE Wrap-up

Three days and three nights of peering under rocks, checking out bird poop in case it's really a moth, yawning at 3 AM while standing watch at the lights, and splashing through rivers after dragonflies. Boy, we had fun, didn't we? And now, a week later, after uploading and BugGuiding and flipping through field guides, the glorious numbers stand at 3,992 observations of 1,299 species made by 431 observers and confirmed/corrected/edited by 272 identifiers.

While I am sorely tempted to check my photos one more time in search of one more species, 1,299 species is almost six times the number of species observed in the same time period last year. 3,992 observations is eight and a half times the number of observations as last year. Tom Murray alone found an average of well over one hundred species a day! We did good!

And we'll do even better next year! The Athol Bird and Nature Club is pleased to announce that MIIDGE will return in 2021. With luck (and a lot of mask-wearing), maybe we'll even have an in-person Moth Ball again.

Thanks, everyone!

Dave Small and Lynn Harper

Posted by lynnharper lynnharper, June 29, 2020 12:20


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