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The roundleaf greenbrier, which I had observed at Manasquan Reservoir belongs to the 'common greenbriers', which fall under ' petrosaviidae', which are members to 'monocotyledons' under 'seed plants' which fall under 'land plants' which are a subcategory of 'plant, alveolate, brown algae and more' all of which fall under ' Eukaryotes'.

What all of the observed species have in common is the fact that they are all located somewhere in nature and have relied on the weather for its growth and nourishment ( as opposed to human watering). All of the species use rain for its transportation of important nutrients like dissolved sugar, to help them grow and flourish.

The round leaf greenbrier species that I had seen is unique to all the other species as in it has green vines with thorns whose leaves are typically glossy green, heart shaped and on average 5-3 cm long.

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