Join Our Scientists – The First Search

Welcome to the first hunt. In this series of searches in the coming weeks, you can label me, “A”. Below are a few hints that you’ll use to find me.

  1. Did you know wildlife consists of both plants and animals? I am not a plant.
  2. Wildlife moves around in their environment using different modes of travel. Some swim, while others may crawl. Think of the different ways wildlife get from one place to another. I am often called a Hexapod, because I use 6 of these to move from place to place on land. I can’t swim, but rather enjoy a terrestrial life.
  3. As an invertebrate, I have an exoskeleton that protects me.
  4. I have two antennae and can come in many shapes, colors and sizes. I have many different names. I am one animal in a Class of animals. Choose one or several for your find.
  5. In the evening, when I see a porch light is turned on, I will move toward the light. I'm often found near the light, on a wall or other objects nearby.
  6. What am I? Please take my picture.

All of your answers will be different, so don’t try to match another person’s sighting. There are literally thousands of correct answers for the identity of me. Again, in your comments, please call this animal “A”.

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