Ronald _flipphi. Struthiola dodecandra

within the species with 8 scales and glabrous hypanthium:
not dodecandrum (scales not shorter than hairs)
not ericoides (flws deep yellow to red)
not hirsuta (lvs alternate)
not macowani (young branches hairy)
not myrsinites (scales longer than hairs)
not parviflora (lvs ciliate and obtuse)
not salteri (lvs in whorls of 3 or 4)

Decription Strelitzia 29 p. 778:
S. eckloniana Meisn. Shrub to over 2 m with tetragonal, glabrous or sparsely adpressed-hairy branches. Leaves opposite, narrowly lanceolate to narrowly elliptic, acute. Flowers axillary, twice as long as leaves, white, cream-coloured, pink or sometimes yellow, scales linear, longer or shorter than perigonal hairs. Jan.–Dec. Mountain slopes, KM, LB, SE (Langeberg and Little Karoo to Uniondale).

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