Tuesday 05/011/2021 - south section

Tuesday 9:05-11:30 am: we had 2 dead newts again, no live newt!
I walked with Robin.
Weather - nice, then warm.
I documented 1 dead newt, and Robin documented one.
Other roadkills: a night snake! so tiny - I've never seen one. also crickets, honey bees, moths, centipedes (after a long time I haven't seen any). We saw a few live and dead cicadas on the road, and could hear them all around us.
Coverage: from Aldercroft Heights Rd to the first stop sign.
Traffic: we didn't see the road repaving crew or their trucks, but parts of the roads weren't paved yet. Traffic: 2 trucks, 23 cars (including Midpen), 1 motorcycle, 9 bikes, 1 pedestrian, and 8 cars parked by the road.
My observations of the day - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2021-05-11&place_id=any&user_id=merav&verifiable=any

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