Inter-River Park

Friday, May 21st, 2021
Inter-River park II
North Vancouver
15 Celsius

I had a pleasant afternoon in the Inter-River Park. The first time I visited was last year during the pandemic and I was looking for something accessible in which I could go and disconnect for a little while.

There are a lot of parks in North Vancouver – if you're local, you probably know them all – however, to someone that has not been here yet, there is one path that goes both ways (uphill and downhill), and it is wide enough to fit a car. The path also runs beside Lynn Creek – which is a bit low on water since there has not been much rain in the past week. People run, ride bikes, talk with friends, and walk their dogs in this park -the complete “park experience”, like almost any other park around here.

I recently signed-up for the Teen Wildlife Ambassador Volunteer Program from the library, and now I am here to look for different plant species. Yesterday, I peeked at the iNaturalist app photos that people were uploading from this area; now I have an idea of which plants are already identified around here. I look for tiny details – the buttercups, the dandelions and the little purple flowers that grow at the side – I take some pictures and upload them. Bingo.

Overall, the Inter River Park experience is a positive one; I like to see the dogs enjoy the sun and the water as they go back and forth between their owners and their toys, and I like the tranquil yet dynamic energy this park has to offer.

~ Mariana García Soto
Teen Wildlife Ambassador

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