Mahon Park

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021
Mahon Park
16 C
North Vancouver

I took my book and bike and rode all the way to Mahon Park. It was a beautiful morning, not quite sunny, but still bright and crisp. I found a dry spot by one of the many park benches and began reading – I began reading “Under the White Sky” by Elizabet Kolbert – author of “the Sixth Extinction” as well.

Quick tip, if you like to spot tiny plants or insects that you would otherwise miss on a walk, try staying still in one place for several minutes – you will begin noticing the increasing amount of activity around you – ants, squirrels, birds, beetles – don’t forget to take pictures of them! That way you can document them on iNaturalist when you get home.

~ Mariana García Soto
Teen Wildlife Ambassador

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