Researching Biodiversity - Faith Bawden

  1. The Silver Maple is a rapidly growing, tall tree, native to eastern North America. The silver maple lives within the plantae kingdom. It's order is sapindales and it's in the sapindacaee family. The genus of the silver maple is acer, and it is an A. saccharine specie.
  2. One adaptation that I have seen for all of the species I observed is the act of adapting to where adequate moisture resides. Some, over the years, have moved to more wet regions, whereas others have adapted by using their roots underground too efficiently collect as much moisture as possible to keep the plant alive.
  3. One unique adaptation that I found was that of Begonias. Begonias have adapted to grow specific colours, like blue, in order to photosynthesize more efficiently in low-light conditions.

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