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Position of Maianthemum racemosum in a phylogenetic tree:
Branching off from Eukaryotes, then 353620 species, 40578 species, 3207 species, 490 species, mayflower, 9 species, then the branch from 2 species.

Adaptation that all observations have:
None, because not all observations are native to North America. For example, the greater burdock is native to temperate regions of the Old World, in very different and far away regions such as British isles and Japan.

Unique adaptation for one observation:
The hooked tips of the involucral phyllaries of the greater burdock are an adaptation for seed dispersal. The animals pick up the seeds of the mature seed heads as the hooked tips secure to animals' fur, and the seeds can be dispersed to new locations this way.

Posted by khalil90 khalil90, September 22, 2021 04:24