Nov 21 ID Event - Condylostylus longicornis

We're happy to announce another online meeting next week! Here are the details:

The Zoom meeting will open at 4 PM EST on Sunday the 21st.

The plan is to focus on observations of Condylostylus longicornis. We'll spend most of the time individually going through observations while discussing questions and interesting observations.

Join the Zoom Meeting here:

Meeting ID: 797 1007 0480
Passcode: diptera

You can leave a comment either to let us know if you're planning to come or to subscribe to be notified of future events! Questions are also welcome.

Guides to use at our meeting:
Guide to the common Sciapodinae of Western US and Canada

What we'll be identifying:,9079,13335,7085,6834,7953,46,10,22,16,15,6,14,50,40,52,9,34&taxon_id=321397

Please watch this video prior to joining the meeting so that you are prepared to participate:

Posted by zdanko zdanko, November 16, 2021 23:45


Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

Thank you so much, the Sunday sessions are becoming addictive ;-)

Posted by catherine_g 7 months ago (Flag)

Good to hear! :)

Please note that we're going back to the 4 p.m. EDT time for this meeting.

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

That time works better for me

Posted by bobnieman 7 months ago (Flag)

Thank you for information.

Posted by komalt1 7 months ago (Flag)

Thank you for information.

Posted by komalt1 7 months ago (Flag)

I'm looking forward to it!

Posted by navin_sasikumar 7 months ago (Flag)


Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

subscribed to get reminded :-)
10 PM local time might be doable for me

Posted by carnifex 7 months ago (Flag)

Awesome, I hope to see you there!

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

Great video - it is much clearer to me now! I will try to make the meeting as well, thanks.

Posted by ccburke 7 months ago (Flag)

How does one subscribe?

Posted by ccburke 7 months ago (Flag)

Thank you so much for watching it!

You should be automatically subscribed to a post once you make a comment, but in case you're not, at the semi-bottom of the page, right below the comment box where it says "Save Comment," there is a a line of text: "Subscribe to comments on this post"

Click on the "Subscribe" link in that text and it will say: "You are subscribed to comments on this post. Unsubscribe"

Again, I think it automatically subscribes you when you leave a comment.

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

@judy you asked to be notified about the Allograpta event, but I forgot, so here's the next one!

Other people who responded on the original forum post: @scotiaspinner @yubabirder @mmulqueen @driftlessroots @mmmmbugs @patsimpson2000 @nsharp @bensmith @carol-in-maine @sarinole @eleanor_macdonald @bee_happy @leptonia

Don't worry if these flies don't interest you, if you'd like to be notified in the future let me know! Otherwise, feel free to ignore this mention.

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

Believe I'll be coming.

Posted by swampass 7 months ago (Flag)

Ohhh! I'm excited to see these sessions are happening. I wish I'd known sooner! I won't be attending this one in particular because it only applies to the western part of the continent, and I'm very firmly in the far eastern portion, but I am looking forward to future sessions now that I am subscribed. Thanks!

Posted by scotiaspinner 7 months ago (Flag)

I'll try to make it!

Posted by mmulqueen 7 months ago (Flag)

@scotiaspinner These sessions aren't just for your own observations, we're trying to get people comfortable with identifying flies so that the effort of identifying is spread out over more people! If you're particularly not interested in a species, that's a different case, but we can always use more help decreasing the number of Needs ID observations!

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

@zdanko Good point! I am definitely at the very bottom rung on the ladder of skill in identifying flies. Even with my own observations, I mostly am not even confident to a genus level, so I have not dared to try to identify others' observations when it comes to flies. I'm hoping that by attending some of your sessions, I can improve my skills to a point that I'd start to be more confident in assisting with identifications for others. At this stage, I typically only assist with identifying in the northeast US and eastern Canada, and that's mostly moths and birds, or classifying "unknowns," in which case I can pretty confidently identify to diptera. Perhaps attending your sessions will make me feel more brave about identifying others' observations outside my comfort zone! Admittedly, having watched this video, I would be fairly confident with identfiying C. longicornis in the western part of the continent. Thanks for making me think more broadly.

Posted by scotiaspinner 7 months ago (Flag)

Just so you know, there is a lot more diversity in general in the East, so the West is actually probably a better place to start.

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for the tag @zdanko . I'm gonna try to make it!

Posted by patsimpson2000 7 months ago (Flag)

I will try to attend.

Posted by driftlessroots 7 months ago (Flag)

Have added to calendar

Posted by idat51 7 months ago (Flag)

thanks for tagging- am definitely interested!

Posted by mmmmbugs 7 months ago (Flag)

Sorry, I can't make this one :(

Posted by pbedell 7 months ago (Flag)

That's okay, I hope to see you next week!

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

One hour until the meeting opens! Reminder to watch the video linked above before joining!

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

15 minute reminder.

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

Starting now! Feel free to join later if you can't make it on time.

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

@swampass I restarted the meeting, you can join again.

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

I missed this one, but would love to hear about upcoming events.

Posted by amyjaecker-jones 7 months ago (Flag)

For sure! I'm in the process of setting up the next meeting, so an announcement will be posted as soon as possible.

Posted by zdanko 7 months ago (Flag)

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