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Earlier this week a local iNatter suggested that I take a look at an article on the iNaturalist forum in the Educators category. The title was ‘iNat or iNot: A quiz to check understanding of captive/cultivated’.

The creator of the QUIZ wrote the following ‘If you would like to edit or adapt this presentation, I encourage you to make a copy from the edit view or start anew even. I have licensed this with a creative commons international 4.0 attribution license so feel free to share, adapt, mix, and reuse with attribution.

A word of caution though - this presentation is targeted to the absolute beginner. These are people who have just started using iNat and who may have difficulty knowing what is ‘wild’. During the City Nature Challenge we do not want participants taking photos of every single flowering bulb in their garden nor posting photos of all their pets and their neighbour's pets!

It should be noted however that there are many reasons why more experienced iNatters might choose to share (and flag) captive animals or cultivated plants. Example in the first slide bur oak on front lawn – maybe someone is documenting all the street trees in their neighbourhood; maybe someone is sharing photos of this tree over time and showing seasonal changes/growth; maybe this tree is host to many lichen, insects, birds, etc; perhaps fallen leaves from this tree provide protection for overwintering insects; … BUT click ‘iNot’ and read the provided explanation. This information is useful to beginners.

So, whether you are a newbie, an educator, or an experienced iNatter, give this quiz a try! Please share your comments below.

Posted on March 17, 2023 07:34 PM by mkkennedy mkkennedy


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