Swamp Things BioBlitz Spotlight Species #10

Spotlight Species #10:
Southern swamp aster (Eurybia paludosa)

What to Look For:
These are easy to identify not only because of their beautiful color. These flowers add a pop of color to any swamp as the center is made of small yellow flowers with bright purple petals. They tend to bloom later in the season with August-November being their time to shine and are known to attract butterflies. So they might be harder to spot currently.

The southern swamp aster can be confused with its twin flower, the southern prairie aster, which is found in the midwest.

Where to Find It:
The southern swamp aster is found throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. The plant prefers wet soils and is found at the edges of swamps and pools and moist savannas and low-lying pinelands. It can also be found with less frequency in drier habitats including small sand dunes along the coastal plain. It’s a low-lying species that is only found at low elevations.

Why It Is a Spotlight Species:
We think a plant with the word “swamp” in its name is definitely worthy of being a Swamp Things Spotlight Species. These plants rely on the swamps to survive and flourish. This is the ultimate swamp thing!

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