Kwilmnej milamu'kl mimajuaqnn kjikank - Everyone, let's go find different life in the city

In 2023 a number of municipalities and counties in the Maritime Provinces are registered to participate in the global City Nature Challenge (CNC). We acknowledge that these locations are located in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq People.

The CNC slogan ‘City Nature Challenge’ translated into Mi’kmaw is 4 words - Kwilmnej milamu'kl mimajuaqnn kjikank. This phrase translates to Everyone, let's go find different life in the city. (Phonetics--- Gwilem-en-edge... mill-am-oogle me-ma-jew-ach-in uk-jee-gank)

It is our hope that participants in the CNC will learn to observe flora and fauna in cities and rural areas in Mi’kma’ki and to learn a few common names. Download the Mi'kmaw Language App L’ni’suti and browse the reference section for animals and plants. Click here to learn more about this app.

How many of the species listed below can you observe, photograph, and/or make a sound recording? Remember to never pester an animal or trample plants in an effort to record an observation.

  • Spring peeper Jijawej
  • Chickadee Jiki’kes
  • Goldfinch Wapatji’jit
  • robin Jipjawej
  • starling ??
  • crow Ka'qawej
  • blue jay Tities
  • gull Kloqntiej
  • duck Apji’jkmuj
  • owl Ku’ku’kwes
  • osprey Ni'kmawe'su
  • bald eagle Kitpu
  • blue heron Apji'jkmuj
  • raven Wjika'qaku
  • cardinal Istaqo'kej
  • Canada goose Sinumkw
  • loon Kwimu

Click here to view a NS Museum Of Natural History bird watching checklist.

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