Turn Your Camera To Something Different

Instead of focusing on what your main interest is, start taking photos of something different and see if you can get 366 species for this year. The observations must have been in 2016 and they must have the name, no genus, or class, or family, or kingdom allowed!

I mainly photograph plants (which are green) so when I look at my observations I look at all of them for 2016 that are not green, then I check to make sure that they do not have genus, class or family then I add them.

Posted on January 22, 2016 08:38 AM by tangatawhenua tangatawhenua


I see you have got a journal entry here so that I can leave comments on the project :-)

I think the easiest way to find the observations to add is to go to one's calendar and starting at the beginning of the year, click upon each day that shows observations. On the page for each day it lists any 'life firsts'.

Posted by tony_wills over 8 years ago

Kia ora for that - I never have looked at the calendar before today so that is a good trick to know! Only thing is that it lists the life firsts for the taxa page and does not take you to your own obs page for you to find the new one an add it! Although you can go through the taxa page I suppose!

Posted by tangatawhenua over 8 years ago

Yes, a bit of a pain, you can squint at the labels at the bottom of each square observation photo, or let it take you to the taxa page and click "View your observations" on the lower right, where presumably you'll only find one observation in the list.

There are lots of little corners on this website - explore every link on every page in the same way you might explore the beach :-)

Posted by tony_wills over 8 years ago

LOL - And I have found that if I go to a project, click on observations under your name it comes up with .... no results! Even though the home page of the project has a number for your observations - another gremlin in the system :)

Posted by tangatawhenua over 8 years ago

That is a great idea @kiwifergus but I doubt that we would be able to tweak code that much! However, http://www.epochconverter.com/epoch/daynumbers.php will give you what day it is - and at the day of writing this is it day 51 :)

Posted by tangatawhenua over 8 years ago

LOL - ok, you will have to add 1 day to the count on that link as that is for the US and we all know they are behind :)

Posted by tangatawhenua over 8 years ago

@tony_wills - do you know how to get the number of Observations / species search for each of us working? I am interested in seeing the species of others but each time I click on the link it comes up with "No Results Found"

Posted by tangatawhenua over 8 years ago

Another bug caused by the new search page. Works for other projects, probably thrown by having a ":" in the project name (though if you rename it, it probably won't help, but you could try just deleting the ":" and see what happens). As a work around, you can construct a search URL by going to the right hand drop down menu and under your name click on observations, then (assuming your browser has the URL bar visible) add ?projects[]=2016-leap-year-project-366-species to the end and hit return.

Posted by tony_wills over 8 years ago

That is a good work around so at least I can construct the URLs now - kia ora for that :)

did try removing the : and then looking at your obs and still nothing :(

Tried to escape the : as well as adding it in the search URL and still nothing :(

Posted by tangatawhenua over 8 years ago

Adding more strange punctuation to the project name is sure not to help the system get it right (it's any non alphabetic/numeric characters that throws it I think). But I think even if you rename it without any punctuation characters it won't help as it has already generated its "project-slug" from the name. I expect that if you create a new project, without punctuation, it will work ok there.

And what exactly do you mean by "species's" anyway??! ;-)

Posted by tony_wills over 8 years ago

Great idea for a project! Yes, just try 366 Species (no apostrophe).

I must admit though that it's a bit more of a challenge for us old timers to photograph 366 species that we've never recorded before. It sounds like fun though.

Posted by jon_sullivan over 8 years ago

Or as I am doing 366 species that are not plants as that is what I have the most of, so some that I have recorded for this project I did photograph last year so old timers can join doing that also :D

Posted by tangatawhenua over 8 years ago

If you are to reach 366 you will have to get busy and find another 15, by my count you have double counted 46 species as you have added two or more observations for the same species to the project:


Personally, I only have to find another 303 species before Sunday ;-)

Posted by tony_wills over 7 years ago

I have got the 366 species, including sub species :) Now I will have to dream up something to do next year! LOL

Posted by tangatawhenua over 7 years ago

On today's date I photographed dozens of plant and animal species inside an ecological refuge, it's been a very rewarding experience.

Posted by aquaticlady about 2 years ago

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