The Amazing Dipper

My American dipper photography project started with the beginning of the Goldstream River salmon run in 2023, as I observed the daily routine of a pair of dippers.

My pair of dippers got together in February, mated and successfully brought a clutch of chicks into their new world on the river.

I am now welcoming anyone to add their observations of American dippers in Goldstream Provincial Park to this project.

American dippers are indicators of stream quality, because their aquatic prey becomes scarce in polluted streams. Sedimentation, acidifications and toxic wastes from industry of various risks can cause reproductive failure and abandonment of a stream.

This is a bird that can actually walk on the river bottom in search of food. It is also North America’s only aquatic songbird.

When not feasting on roe during the salmon run they usually forage for aquatic larvae or fish fry using their wings to help negotiate fast flowing stream water. ...more ↓

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Observing behaviours of the American Dipper in Goldstream Provincial Park

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