Super Sascha - 25,000 IDs and counting!

The Australasian Fishes project is thriving due to the enthusiastic input from many people. Thank you all, especially to those of you who are experts in a particular groups of fishes.
One person in particular however deserves special recognition. A quick glance at the identifications leader board shows the outstanding contribution made by Sascha Schulz. Since Australasian Fishes went online in October 2016, Sacha has made over 25,000 identifications.
In addition to playing a major role in the smooth running of Australasian Fishes, Sascha administers another iNaturalist project, Seaslugs of the World, where he has made over 2,500 identifications.
This is truly a monumental effort, and we are all very grateful for the time and expertise that Sascha brings to the project. Thank you Sascha! :)
Read more about Sascha in his member profile.
Posted by markmcg markmcg, August 06, 2018 06:34


I believe almost 50% of my ID's are correct! hahaha

Posted by sascha_schulz almost 4 years ago (Flag)

A great effort Sascha!

Posted by lucyinthesea almost 4 years ago (Flag)

Ha! You have a very high hit rate!!

Posted by markmcg almost 4 years ago (Flag)

Incredible work @sascha_schulz !
Your observations are just as great as your IDs
One of your most recent ones of P. semicirculatus is one of my favourite observations on the AF Project so far! :D

Posted by henrick almost 4 years ago (Flag)

I agree @henrick, that is a lovely image. :)

Posted by markmcg almost 4 years ago (Flag)

@sascha_schulz , Hi Sascha, Great work, you should be proud of all the Australasia Fishes contributors that you have helped. We take photos of something, which we have no idea what it is (we'll just me maybe) & you provide us with all this information that makes us go Wow that's cool & gives you more Incentive to get back in the water to see what else we can find. I have learnt so much while I was contributing. Thank-you.

Posted by ken_flan almost 4 years ago (Flag)

@ken_flan Thank you Ken! Getting to meet people like yourself is the reward for being involved in this project. :-)

Posted by sascha_schulz almost 4 years ago (Flag)

We couldn't do this without you, thank you @sascha_schulz

Posted by amandahay almost 4 years ago (Flag)

Nice job Sasha! Its damm hard to beat you to IDing something first! Keep up the good work!

Posted by lachlan_fetterplace almost 4 years ago (Flag)

Thanks Sascha, so many people learned a great deal from your time and contribution. Your passion has infected many others to the benefit of the project and science.

Posted by harryrosenthal almost 4 years ago (Flag)

Thank You! :)

Posted by dama almost 4 years ago (Flag)

On-ya Sascha.
I am one that has learned a great deal from Sascha, but still a babe in the woods/ocean.

Posted by rick-ludd almost 4 years ago (Flag)

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