Sharing a new project - Australian Galls!

I'm happy to see that we now have over 40 members in this project, very exciting! :) I see that many people haven't uploaded any leaf mine images. I encourage you to look for some - I plan on writing some posts on my blog about recognising leaf mines soon. Let me know if you have any barriers to uploading leaf mines, happy to help you out if I can.

Anyway, I just wanted to promote a project that has just started: Australian Galls

If you have been on the look out for leaf mines, you may have come across some mystery galls. Well now there's a home for them. Check out the project for more info.

Happy gall hunting. 😊

Posted on April 21, 2022 09:12 AM by antomology antomology


I've joined the project but don't know what you mean by adding the annotation. Is this additional field? I have taken quite a few photos of galls today and want to load them up. I usually load via Environment Recovery Project because I am in a bushfire affected area. Maybe I need to load them from the main page?

Posted by paulaboer 11 months ago (Flag)


AFAIK, You can only annotate an observation once it has been uploaded. All you need to do is upload the observation as usual, and then on the right hand side (scroll down), you'll see some annotation options. An example is this observation:

If you select Gall under Evidence of Presence it will automatically be included in the Australian Galls project. Pretty handy!

Posted by antomology 11 months ago (Flag)

Aha! Thank you. Done :-)

Posted by paulaboer 11 months ago (Flag)

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