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An update on birds, which we recorded primarily using eBird. The bird team, led by Josée Rousseau, recorded 35 species of birds during the BioBlitz, including the six species banded (and documented on iNaturalist) during the mistnetting demonstration. An eBird list of species recorded can be found here: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S37264342.

With these 29 additional bird species, the total number of unique taxa (species or other groups) recorded during the BioBlitz increases to 235. As we get some of the observations identified, this number should still grow a little further.

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Join us at Avery Park on May 28th for Corvallis's first BioBlitz, to catalog every living thing we can identify! This is a family-friendly event and all are welcome, whether for half an hour or for the full day, seasoned naturalist or complete beginner.

We will increase knowledge of the species within this part of Corvallis, and increase our knowledge of the plants, insects, birds, ...more ↓

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