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November 17, 2019


We are at 190 birds. I don’t expect to get any new species before the end of the year, but am looking forward to wintering raptors and ducks in mating plumage, these next couple months. Please keep up the amazing work everyone.

Good spots to bird this winter

Fernhill wetlands
Commonwealth Lake
Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge

Happy birding

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August 14, 2019


Shorebird season is ongoing. Good locations in the county are listed below. Let’s boost the shorebird observations this season..

Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge
Commonwealth Lakw Park
Fernhill Wetlands
Henry Hagg Lake
Jackson Bottom Wetlands
Cedar Mill Wetlands
Bethany Lake

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July 30, 2019


For those of you who are not familiar with it, ebird is a citizen science project for birds. It is also quickly becomng useful in the scientific community. While I cannot require any of you to use it, I ask that you look into it. Photos of birds really help prove IDs, which is useful for ebird. Also certain species that have been reported on INaturalist have not necessarily been reported on ebird. Below is a link to ebird for those who are interested.

Thanks and happy birding.

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July 25, 2019

Goal of project

Currently there are 187 birds listed for Washington County. Ebird, which is another citizen science project has 299 listed for the county and 207 for 2019. It would be great for the group to make 200 this year, but I know that some species are difficult to photograph much less find. Any a d all observations are great. Lets show how bird friendly this county is.

Happy birding

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