Birds on Beaches

Feeding, nesting, preening, relaxing or just hanging out, this project brings together the great photos of our birds around the country on our salt water beaches and harbours, not fresh water lakes, rivers, streams and creeks unless it is the brackish part that meets the salt water.

Currently there are 5 observations of birds nesting , so keep an eye out for more of these.

Northern NZ dotterel with it's eggs.
Banded Dotterel
Variable Oystercatcher
Little Blue Penguin in a burrow here and here

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This project celebrates the activites of birds on salt water beaches around the coastline of New Zealand, including the harbours and the brackish / salt water parts of rivers and creeks (but not lakes or fresh water rivers, streams and creeks).

Feel free to add any observations around the coastline, with photos, showing the bird activities on beaches.

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