Litorhina nyasae (Ricardo, 1901)

Description by Ricardo:

Red, with a black dorsal line on the abdomen.
Face yellowish brown, with black pubescence and whitish scaly hairs.
Proboscis not quite so long as the fore femora and tibiae together.
Hind part of head red, with white scaly hairs bordering the eyes.
The collar is composed of yellow-brown hairs, with a few black ones intermixed.
Thorax brown, with black pubescence and bristles and yellowish scaly hairs; the pubescence on the sides, the breast, and above the halteres consists of yellow-brown hairs and a few black ones, and a white tuft above the base of the wings.
Scutellum reddish, black at the base.
Abdomen bright red, with the first segment black, and a dorsal black stripe, consisting of triangular spots with their bases on the fore borders and their apices on the hind borders of the segments, diminishing in size and extending from the second to the sixth segment, becoming fainter on the last two; the last segment is wholly red; there is a short line of white scaly hairs on the posterior border of the first segment, and on the anterior border of the second, and an oblong spot of thick white scaly hairs on the posterior border of the third segment; the last two segments are more or less covered with white scaly hairs.
Legs red, with black pubescence and bristles.

Illustration of wing:

Description by Hesse:
Easily recognized by the wing-pattern in which the infuscation in marginal cell extends farther apicalwards than in other South African species except dentiferus in which there is however also a projection down the first posterior cell and in which the entire body is reddish and the white scaling across tergite 3 is band-like.

Distribution: Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa ("Transvaal"), Tanzania, Zimbabwe

Observation on iNat:

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