Litorhina macroptera (Loew, 1860)

Description by Loew:

Body, apart from the usual reddish humeri, postalar calli, scutellum and extensive reddish on sides of abdomen and across hind margins of tergites, mostly black above.
Collar yellow-brownish, bordered with black hairs on its posterior edge. On the lateral edge of the thorax, as well as on the sides and in front of the wings, the hair is yellow-brown.
Three longitudinal stripes on the thorax.
On the upper side of the abdomen, white scales form a transverse line on each side of the first ring and
there is a patch of white scales on sides of tergite 3 in form of a transverse quadrangular spot; white scaling also completely covers the last two rings; the remaining scaling is partly brownish, partly black, without a clear separation of the two colors.

Description by Hesse:

Wing illustrated in Loew:

This is the common Litorhina species of the Cape and is easily recognized by its characteristic wing-pattern, long stylar element and the long proboscis.

Distribution: Namibia, South Africa (Eastern Cape, Free State, Northern Cape, Western Cape)

Observation on iNat:

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