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We have added the Broadfield list of Kauri Forest Garden plants to this project and will progressively upload images of them. The garden has three sections with more than 100 kauri plants and more than 100 associated species of this forest type. We have modelled the plants grown following the book “Waipoua Kauri Forest, by W. R. McGregor 1948”, which helpfully provides a list of trees, shrubs, climbers and ferns.

At Broadfield, the kauris usually grow 500 mm a year (or with extra summer water up to 1 m, 2/3 in spring and 1/3 in autumn), and so after perhaps 16 years they produce a meaningful tree of 9-10 metres or more tall with a spread of perhaps just 2 metres.

The most distinctive visual feature of kauri forests in the wild are the vertical lines of the trunks. Within a forest canopy, kauris grow naturally perpendicular to the ground. Trees established in the open tend to have more lateral spread (because there is light on all sides), so at Broadfield we have ...more ↓

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Broadfield Garden is a private garden comprising about 3.5 hectares and established for some 20 years. New Zealand native plants are featured as are NZ raised varieties of azalea, Rhododendron, Camellia, cherry Cornus, maples, peony perennials, daffodils, lilies, and roses.

See the New Zealand Gardens Trust profile of this garden at ...more ↓

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