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December 01, 2018

Torrance votes to cull coyotes as residents demand action to reduce pet attacks.

Responding to pressure from residents concerned about the safety of pets and children, Torrance aims to implement a coyote culling program by fall of 2019 after conducting a state-mandated environmental analysis.

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December 18, 2018

What’s Happening to Our Coyotes in the Region?

Scientific research on wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area and surrounding habitats has detected startling evidence on how widespread the exposure to anticoagulant rodenticides is amongst native carnivores. Specifically, by monitoring the populations of three meat-eating species (bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions), researchers found that a significant percentage of these animals had been exposed to these poisonous compounds. Bobcats and mountain lions both displayed 92% exposure, while coyotes, despite only having 83%, had rodenticides as the 2nd leading cause of death within the duration of this study.

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December 24, 2018

Sense of Place: How did Wolf Creek get its name?

Until recently, the last time a wolf had been seen in California was in 1924 in the southern Sierra. Then, in December 2011, a wolf from Oregon crossed over the state line.

Today, there are wolf packs roaming Siskiyou, Shasta, Lassen and Plumas counties. Ranchers in those areas are nervous about the reappearance of a predator that sometimes kills livestock.

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