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May 04, 2018

The Final Push

Hey all!

Tomorrow morning at 9am, winners will be announced for the CNC! Boston has done an absolutely amazing job and you have all contributed great images. Over the last few days, we've had lots of experts and enthusiasts weigh in and help identify observations. Looking at some of the other cities, Boston did a great job covering the "tree of life" with lots of plants, animals, fungi, and even some microorganisms!

We still have a few hours - so if you can help identify anything, take some time tonight or tomorrow morning to look through observations and make some suggestions.

We will be back tomorrow with the results!

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Thank you Boston Area CNC-ers!

Well the CNC is officially complete now -- as of 9:00 AM this morning. We did it! We want to give a big thank you to everyone who participated in the City Nature Challenge, whether you joined one of our events or observed on your own, or helped identify. We had some challenging conditions and had a spectacular turnout of observations and species. But most impressively, we came in 3rd place for number of observers! Nearly 1,000 people across the region participated!!! Amazing.

Here are the overall rankings as of now (these numbers will change a bit).

Boston numbers:
Observations: 16,551 --- we are ranked 11th
Species: 1,410 --- Boston ranked 14th
Observers: 992 -- 3rd !!!!!
Identifiers: 412

Overall CNC so far:
Observations: 423,850
Species: 18,097
Identifiers: 3,746
Observers: 16,368

These numbers will continue to change over time as more observations are identified and verified. What a great snapshot of urban biodiversity around the world!! We encourage you to explore observations from all cities through the City Nature Challenge 2018 Umbrella Project.

What are the coolest things you're seeing from Boston and other cities? Make your comments below.

We hope you will continue the fun and document other cool things you see around our area, or anywhere you go, and we will see you next year for the 2019 City Nature Challenge!

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