City Nature Challenge 2020: Garden Route's Journal

May 08, 2020

iNaturalist observation of the month.

Every month the community nominates an observation for the month.
How does this work?
Firstly, join the project Nominations: Observation of the Month (s Afr),
These are all traditional projects, so you need to add the observation to the project.

Now, make sure that you favourite the observation that you like. It must be observed and uploaded during that particulat month.
See example here:
Once you have joined the project and favourited it, add it to the “Nominations: Observation of the Month (s Afr)” project.

You may nominate more than 1 observation if you feel like it.
You may also “favourite” more than 1 observation, so go have a look at the others and add your favourites as well.

And while you about joining projects, join
Observation of the Month (s Afr)
Observation of the Year (s Afr)


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May 05, 2020

A final post to a say thank you. Until 2021 CNC. Bigger and Better


With the City Nature Challenge done and dusted for 2020 we would love you to give your input on how it can be improved, expanded, or just general comments and feeling on the project.
Did you have any interesting experience’s? Let us hear about them.

Leave your comments at:

Cape Town is under the impression the Garden Route will always follow in their dust. Really!!!

One big challenge the Garden Route faces heading to the 2021 CNC is how to get more observers on board.
Here we need everyone to assist in this. Do not wait for the next CNC. Start to get people involved now.
Practice makes perfect.
And the Little Karoo is part of the Garden Route. So, get your family and friends involved that side as well.
And we are always there to assist and answer any questions.

Been a bit watered down as it ended as an Event instead of a Challenge, the Garden Route can still hold its heads up high and brag.

As an Event and not a Challenge there will be no official leader results. But the information available clearly gives us this intel.

The Garden not only came in 2nd in Southern Africa, but also 2nd on the African continent and 10th overall globally.

Likewise, on the species list. Garden Route came in 2nd in Southern Africa, but also 2nd on the African continent and 6th overall globally.

Stay tuned in on Facebook for future developments, news and information.

Next year. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS. Cape Town, you may want to start scripting your runner up speeches.

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May 03, 2020

For Southern Africa, the City Nature Challenge 2020 is done and dusted.
A couple of hours to go and the rest of the world will follow suit.

Garden Route did very well.
Everyone can all be immensely proud of the achievement.
Every person who in someway participated in the challenge can hold their head up high.

17742 observations where clocked up in the Garden Route, making it 31% of the 56839 observations recorded in Southern Africa.
2421 species recorded in the Garden Route, with a total of 5151 species recorded in Southern Africa.
And all this by 315 observers.

-- Observers:
User jeccica1468 racked up 881 observations, followed by nina196 with 783, then outramps-tanniedi with 508.

-- Species:
The most viewed was the Cape Weaver with 118 observations, followed by the Spekboom with 90 observations, then the Cape Honeysuckle with 87 observations.

-- Identifiers:
A total of 448 people helped identify observations. And here, as much as I like to highlight the tops, I will not.
Each person in their respective field did an amazing job in identifications.

This is not a challenge only for a small group of people. It is for everyone. No matter where you stay.
It is for schools, businesses, families, groups, friends, clubs, organizations, individually or whatever other form of activity you may take part in.

Stay with us and let us all use the information and experience gathered this year to build a greater 2021.

During today we will have the worldwide results.
The Garden Route is still holding in at 9th position for observations. We have a 73-observation lead on 10th spot. Hope we can keep it.
As to the number of species, the 6th spot seems pretty secured at 2421 species. A lead of 215 species ahead of 7th spot.

Enjoy, and Be Safe

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Garden Route not been shy

And the Garden Route is back into 9th position with observations. 232 ahead of the project in 10th position.
As to species, the Garden Route is standing strong in 6th place with 2401.

Thank you to everyone who are doing identifications and scrounging around for a forgotten observation or 2.

Without you the project would not be successful.

Well done.
Let us see what the final tally is tonight at 24h00.

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May 01, 2020

Facebook invite

We would like to invite everyone who joined this project as members, to please follow/like us on Facebook if you have not already.

While the CNC 2020 project will be winding down in a couple of days the Facebook page will be kept alive and built on for next year’s CNC.

News, events, BioBlitz’s information and training sessions will be promoted on Facebook.

Only through your continued support can we make this challenge the best in South Africa, and our area, our home, the best in the world.

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Garden Route City Nature Challenge Update - 01 May 20

The City Nature Challenge is almost completed. The past weekend spent by thousands of people taking photos and uploading to iNaturalist in a bid to outshine the rest. There are 2 days left to complete your uploads and identifications. Final bell on Sunday at midnight.
Calling on all people, please assist where you can. (Below is a list of useful links.)

On Wednesday, the Garden Route was running 11th behind Hong Kong.
I am glad to say that the Garden Route has jumped to 9th position in the past 2 days. Well done to everyone. This makes 2 projects that South Africa has in the top 10. Hope it stays there.

Garden Route is still holding 6th place for species.

Well done. Enjoy Level 4 Lockdown, but please still be safe.

All observations needing Identification
Or pick your field:
Other searches:

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April 29, 2020

Final mopping up of the projects

While the final mopping up of the projects is taking place let us have a quick look at how things stand.
It is not over yet. The final bell will only ring at 24h00 this Friday (03 May 2020).
So, carry on uploading any observations you took over the weekend. And carry on identifying.

Observations: (not final)
Cape Town so far stands in first place with 32945 observations. 3005 ahead of San Francisco Bay Area currently in second place.
Garden Route in 11th place with 15655 observations. Just a shy 162 observations short of 10th place currently been held by Hong Kong.

Species: (not final)
Houston-Galveston so far stands in first place with 2868 species. A shy 244 ahead of Cape Town in second place.
Garden Route in 6th place with 2158 species. Just 233 species short of 5th place currently been held by Dallas/Fort Worth.

Observers: (not final)
San Francisco Bay Area is topping the charts with 2437 observers. 913 ahead of Los Angeles County.
Garden Route in 41st place with observers. Just shy of 10 observers to match ABQ (Albuquerque).

Summary (not final)
A summary of all the projects over the 4 days:
Observations: 741617 – with Garden Route making up 2.1% of these observations.
Species: 30037 – With Garden Route making up 7.2% of these species.
Observers: 39595 – With Garden Route making up 0.8%of these observers.

Garden Route. We did well. Very well.
For all the newcomers who came on board, please stay with us, and carry on building towards 2021.

The Facebook page will be staying active. And any updates, information, training, events and BioBlitz’s will be posted on here.

Like/Follow us at to get notifications.

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April 27, 2020

Summary after day 4 of the City Nature Challenge

Been busy with identifications and such. Almost forgot to do the summary. Well, today marked the last day for observations, but fear not all you iNatters. You still have up and till 03 May 2020 to upload and get your stuff identified. Of course, the earlier the better to make sure identifications are done in time.

Not going to do highlight observations now but will randomly do them during the coming week.

Two things that need to be mentioned.
Firstly, if you have taken multiple photos of one thing, please add them together in one observation. You may have an observation uploaded already where it is multiple entries but unsure what to do. Contact us and we will advise you.
Second, make sure your observation and upload dates are correct. The Challenge Project only draws in the data which was recorded over these past 4 days. So, if your observation is undated it will not be recorded. Also check that your location is correct.

Please, read through the journal post about obscuring posts.

Over 13365 observations in 96 hours from 287 observers. Making it over 46 observations per observer. This is amazing and only proves everyone’s commitment and dedication. The leading City can only brag with 30 observations average per person.

Over 47889 observations and 2963 species in Southern Africa in 96 hours, and more than 629000 observations and 27181 species worldwide.

Remember, these numbers will still change over the next 4 days as people upload their remainder observations.

Number of observations for:
Birds: 1158
Amphibians: 35
Reptiles: 88
Mammals: 72
Molluscs, Arachnids & Insects: 1425
Plants: 8381

Currently the Garden Route is placed 2nd in Southern Africa, and 10th Internationally.

Well, well done everyone. Give yourself a pat on the back. Remember social distancing so another can not do it for you.

Stop the bus. You not finished yet. Now to go through everything and check. From an amateur to expert, please assist with checking, not only your observations but also other people’s observations.
Go to this journal entry for quick links to different fields of interest.

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April 26, 2020

Summary after day 3 of the City Nature Challenge

And we keep on adding more and more to our lists. And some stunning observations out there.

Last day for observations.

Before we look at numbers, I would like to add links to a few observations that stood out for me.
Common Cape Wagtail (Motacilla capensis ssp. Capensis) It always amazes me how cheeky this little bird can be. Strut into your house without a care.
Painted Reed Frog (Hyperolius marmoratus) Seeing them stuck to a plant, or even your window surprises a lot of people.
Spotted Harlequin Snake (Homoroselaps lacteus) You hear of the saying dog-eat-dog, but what is this snake-eat-snake?
Bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus) Totally caught him off guard.
Blue Emperor (Anax imperator) This is proof of how strong a spider web is.
Common Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) I remember picking then as a kid and blowing them.

Over 10300 observations in 72 hours from 236 observers. Making it over 43 observations per observer. This is amazing and only proves everyone’s commitment and dedication. The leading City can only brag with 12 observations average per person.

Over 33700 observations in Southern Africa in 72 hours, and more than 449500 observations worldwide.

Number of observations for:
Birds: 849
Amphibians: 19
Reptiles: 72
Mammals: 47
Molluscs, Arachnids & Insects: 1052
Plants: 6486

Currently the Garden Route is placed 2nd in Southern Africa, and 8th Internationally.

Well, well done everyone. Time to put camera batteries on charge then go charge your batteries. Another big day tomorrow.

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Habitat project in iNaturalist for Southern Africa

Why is there a Habitat project?
This is a project started by SANBI to indicate where something was sighted. It is so that they can collect and collate data according to habitats for research purposes. Without your valuable input they will not be able to do the important work they do to protect our biodiversity.
All users withing Southern Africa are encouraged to use this project. Please do!

They list a range of habitats to select from.

• Natural Terrestrial Systems:
Afrotemperate Forest, Albany Thicket, Caves, Desert, Eastern Coast Belt Forest, Fynbos, Grassveld, Nama Karoo, Renosterveld, Savanna: Arid, Savanna: Brachystegia, Savanna: Koakoveld, Savanna: Moist, Strandveld, Subantarctic Tundra, Succulent Karoo

• Natural Terrestrial Wetland Systems:
Aquatic, Estuaries, Littoral, Wetland

• Natural Marine Systems:
Coral Reef, Deep Reef, Littoral, Marine Benthic, Marine Canyon, Marine Pelagic

• Human transformed Systems:
Cropland, Dwellings, Gardens, Plantation, Urban Parkland, Wasteland, Zoos & Aquaria less

This is a Traditional project.
So, you need to join the project to be able to use it.

When you upload an observation, firstly go to “Fields” and select “Habitats (s Afr)”. There you will see the above listed habitats.
When this is done, under “Projects” select “Habitats (s Afr)” and your observations will be added to the project.
Note you must first do the Field before the project. If you select the Project without the field the system will reject it and your observation will not be added.

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