City Nature Challenge 2021: Indianapolis's Journal

May 04, 2021

We have entered the "Identification" phase!

First off, AMAZING job on the City Nature Challenge this year!

Also, congratulations to user indiana-ang for being our top observer at midnight last night!

In the last four days over 250 citizen scientists have made over 4k observations! You did that and you are awesome!

Given the wild times we are in, we truly hope this was an opportunity to unplug and reconnect to nature and rediscover wonder in a safe and responsible way.

Whether you made 1 or 100 observations, we're all part of this collective effort to help bring awareness to urban biodiversity and grow our naturalist community who cares about nature everywhere. Thank you for being a part of this amazing community.

We wanted to remind all of you that we're now in the "uploading and identifying" phase of the City Nature Challenge. We can continue to upload observations, as long as they were made in the April 30 to May 3 window. We also have these few days to give you time to look at observations and work on confirming or refining the identifications. If you haven't used it yet, definitely click the "Observations" tab near the top of our city's CNC project on iNaturalist and then click the "identify" button to see all the observations that still need IDs to help them get to research grade.

Whatever our numbers are at 9am on Sunday will be our "final" numbers for the results of the City Nature Challenge! We'll announce the "big" results: observations, species, and people, on Sunday. And we'll send out more detailed and nuanced results that dive a bit deeper into the data by Monday and will highlight the most "wow" findings!

As you're going through observations, if you see any interesting ones - rare/endangered species, great photos, observations with great stories, etc., please make a new thread in the facebook event (link below) and share them! The media loves hearing about particular observations that are unique or important or interesting, and we'd love to have many to share from all over the city!

Thanks to all of you again - we are so appreciative of everything you've done in support of the City Nature Challenge, and we couldn't have worked with a better group of people - you all are awesome!

The #CNCIndy Team

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May 03, 2021


Good Afternoon Citizen Science Friends!

We broke 2k observations yesterday afternoon and 3k observations this morning!

We have until midnight tonight to show how awesome Indianapolis is at citizen science, so lets make some lunch observations and some early evening observations so we can finish out the #CityNatureChallenge like champions!

Also, congratulations to user jessicah_naturalist for being our top observer at 21:00 last night!

Tonight is the final night of the challenge so we will pull the final score at midnight, and since everyday is a different winner (you can't win twice) you can make it to top of the board tonight to win a swag bag!

The #CNCIndy Team

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May 02, 2021

Happy #ScienceSunday Friends!

Happy #ScienceSunday Friends!

We hope everyone enjoyed the great weather yesterday!

Congratulations to user brittswinford for securing top observer status at 21:00 last night!

We have made nearly 2k observations, identified over 550 species, and are over 150 observers strong! You are all amazing!

Now that we have over 150 observers contributing to #IndyCNC we want to ask for your help: Please call or text one person today and ask them to join the #CityNatureChallenge so that we can finish strong! We have until Monday (May 3rd) at 23:59 to submit observations!

All of the info to join is at the link below!

Also, it isn't too late to take our daily citywide challenge!

Sunday, April 26th
“15 Minute Nature Walk!”
Talk a walk with the kids, your partner, or that special four-legged friend; whatever family means to you; and document the urban wildlife hiding right outside of your window!

Thank you all so much for joining in this grand #CitizenScience project and best of luck observing today!

The Indianapolis City Nature Challenge Team

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May 01, 2021

Join us at Noon for "15 Minutes of Nature", Last Night's Top Observer, and the Leaderboard!

Good Morning Citizen Science Friends!

We broke 1k observations before 11pm last night! Our fastest start to date!

We hope you are out safely and responsibly enjoying the #IndyCNC so make sure you get those observations in so we can have our best data yet!

Also, help us make it loud on social media by posting pictures of your nature hikes using the #IndyCNC hashtag!

Also, also, congratulations to user evanaturalist for being our top observer at 23:00 last night!

Everyday is a different winner (you can't win twice) so be at the top of the board tonight to win a swag bag!

The #IndyCNC Team

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April 30, 2021

The City Nature Challenge Begins!

Good Afternoon Citizen Science Friends!

The 20121 City Nature Challenge has officially begun!

Take a long lunch break, walk around work, and make those observations!

Don't forget to share your favorite observations social media and use the hashtag #IndyCNC so we can find them!

Also, we will have some announcements about the project leader board coming later today and, no spoilers, you might want to try and make it to the top of this project's leader board before this evening ;) ;) ;)

Be safe, have fun, and thank you for joining us in this wild adventure!

The City Nature Challenge Indianapolis Team

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