Do you want to participate but your area is not registered in the CNC event?

The CNC 'event' is a collection of iNat project that have set criteria. Observations must be recorded between set dates and locations must fall within defined area(s). Anyone may participate and it is not necessary to join any specific project - the reason to join is to be automatically notified if/when journal articles are published.

If iNatters who live out of bounds wish to participate then they are encouraged to travel to a registered area - This is a great excuse to explore areas. It is not necessary to travel to a central place in the area - anywhere inside the 'polygon' will count!

Many people may not be able to travel for all kinds of reasons but they can still participate and/or contribute to the event.

Help review content.
Help assign attributes.
Help suggest names.
Help promote the event and encourage others to participate.
Help compose journal articles.
Challenge others.
Mentor participants - Point out a few obvious species that they may have overlooked.

And finally - do you still wish to participate in the City Nature Challenge but your city isn't taking part? There is an option to join a global project to have your observations be part of CNC 2022. A special CNC project has been set up but for these observations to 'count' iNatters must JOIN the 'global' project -

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