Add marine taxa to your CNC species list

As part of preparation for the upcoming CNC are you compiling a list of areas to explore and species to search for? If yes, consider adding coastal areas and marine taxa to your list!

Choose your adventure – share observations from out on the water (boaters), in the water (divers), or next to the water’s edge (landlubbers).

Plan to explore a beach or a coastal area. Explore rocky shores as well as sandy beaches.

Explore wharves, waterfronts, and marinas.

Explore more than one location!

Remember that position on the CNC leaderboard is based on the following stats – the number of observations, the number of species, and the number of participants. To increase personal counts re observations don’t forget that iNaturalist defines an observation as an encounter with an individual organism at a particular time and location. This means that the same species may be posted multiple times - different locations and/or different dates and create separate observations for different sex/lifestage.

Once the CNC starts follow the various leaderboards global, Canadian, Atlantic Provinces and your own CNC area (you can access local CNCs from the Atlantic Provinces umbrella project). Resort the leaderboard display based on observations, species, or observers. Become competitive and jostle others for position on the leaderboard - the CNC lasts for 4 days - there is always time to find one more observation!

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