CNC Data Quests

Data quests are an opportunity to link your species observations to specific science and conservation needs. By collecting data on data quest species, you'll be helping researchers and managers better understand where key species exist from our city centers out to our rural regions. Each quest has been chosen to answer relevant questions or as a key indicator of an important habitat. What’s more, by joining a data quest, you'll increase your knowledge and observational skills about nature across our region.
(The description above was 'borrowed' from the CNC Boston group, with their permission of course!)

What you can do: Choose a quest below, find out what is needed and help collect data!

The Nova Scotia Invasive Species Council has designed two data quests for this year's CNC:
Data Quest 1: Invasive Plants
Data Quest 2: Bird photographers.
To learn more click here.

The Ecology Action Eelgrass Monitoring Team have also set up two quests:
Data Quest 1: Low tide walks
Data Quest 2: Paddler Observations.
To learn more click here.

Check out the quests on the Boston page - the What's in the Wrack quest looks interesting!

If your group has ideas for additional quests pleas add them below as comments.

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