New clingfish records from the Chathams

The discovery by Jason Butt of at least one, possibly two clingfishes not previously reported from the Chathams highlighted how little is known of this group of fishes, rock pool fishes in general at the islands.

By creating this project we hope to stimulate more interest in these unusual little fish and perhaps a greater appreciation of the variety of plants and animals that live between the tides.

Clingfishes live in a wide range of habitats from estuaries to continental shelves, rocks pools to giant kelp, and on the underside of dead shells to between the spines of sea urchins (kina).

Have fun looking for them.

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The purpose of this project is to understand the distribution, habitat preferences and diversity of Chatham Islands clingfishes. Clingfishes are small, cryptic marine fishes, so named because their pelvic fins are modified to form a sucking disc that allows them to attach firmly to a variety of substrates, including rock, seaweed and skin. Several species are common in rock pools throughout ...more ↓

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