Identifications in Flowering Plants of India

A particular thank you to those who have been identifying observations within this India collection project. There's a pressing need for help identifying plant species records here - thank you so much for helping others with their understanding of the flora and in the progress towards Research Grade records for GBIF.

Posted by lera lera, June 11, 2019 16:47



Hi. Am willing to help with ids in NW Ghats and Konkan. Been my study area for more than 20 years. Am trained in angiosperm taxonomy and have worked with BSI. Also use taxonomic tools and databases regularly for my ecology work.

Posted by aparnaw about 1 month ago (Flag)

That would be so kind! This project collects all the flowering plant observations for India that have not been tagged as 'planted', and have all the other info needed to be able to make it to "Research Grade" (community consensus on id), so there are a lot. Even identifying to family is helpful, as some identifiers will search to see if there's anything new within their favourite taxon.

To find observations that have not been identifed for an area such as Western Ghats, the easiest way is to visit the identify page for the project and type the place name in to the search field at the top. I.e. visit

iNat remembers which observations you have reviewed (added an identification or ticked 'Mark as Reviewed') and the next time you visit, shows you only those you haven't.

Please do ask here if you have any questions about using the site, it's likely to help others too.

Posted by lera about 1 month ago (Flag)

Someone who has made many careful observations in W Ghats, many of which need id, is @chiefredearth - to see his contributions that need id in W Ghats, the filter would be:

Posted by lera about 1 month ago (Flag)

There seems to be many observations that are planted/cultivated listed as wild/naturally regenerating. Would would be tedious to review all of them, but I guess it has to be done.

Posted by siddarthmachado 29 days ago (Flag)

Any you can manage as you go along is obviously great! I have been trying to leave a friendly comment to the observer to encourage them to do it themselves next time, and created the planted-in-India project as an alternative place to share/id
these - not much interest in that yet though.

Over in Indonesia there has been a call to update the establishment status of species in the country, which might also act as a prompt to ask whether the observation is of a wild plant. Do you think that would help here? If so, is there a good source for introduced plants, or would it be being built here?

Thank you for all your support!

Posted by lera 29 days ago (Flag)

All flowering plant species identified in India -

Posted by lera 29 days ago (Flag)

Ill do what I can. Im not aware of any national scale initiative to reassess the establishment status of plant species in India. There are studies compiling invasive species.

There is also this source here : that lists plants cultivated in gardens in India, but the data is not easily extract-able.

Posted by siddarthmachado 28 days ago (Flag)

I guess those garden plants may also include native species - but the invasives study from 2008 looks great and very citable! And includes ornamentals. I'll see how practical it is to add this info (at least during the current train journey).

Posted by lera 28 days ago (Flag)

Great. Ill keep an eye out for more pubs.

Posted by siddarthmachado 28 days ago (Flag)

It's quite a slog updating the individual species status to Introduced - have done so for those in the first three lists from the paper and grinding slowly through the final one in spare moments. Only updating for species already observed in India.

Would be very interested to hear if seeing the ! for non-native makes a difference to anyone when handling observations.

Posted by lera 25 days ago (Flag)

Here is the simplest way that I have found to update the Establishment Status:

It looks like the checklist is the easiest place to work from, but it still involves several steps for each species.

- Search for the species in the box at top right
If species is already in the checklist:
- Select species to open for the Place
- Select e.g. 'Introduced' from Establishment means
- Press Save
- Add your Source in the comment

If species not yet in the checklist
- Select Add to List (under search box)
- Select 'Edit' under the newly listed species
- Update Establishment means as above

Posted by lera 8 days ago (Flag)

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