GKC 2020 Media release - Kererū numbers soar to new heights

Organisers of the Great Kererū Count are thrilled with how many participants took part in this year’s Count and the number of kererū observations made. Whether it is because people are more tuned into nature following Covid lockdown, or if it’s simply that there’s just heaps of kiwis who are passionate about kererū, either way – the numbers are looking fantastic.

Last week from 18th to 27th September New Zealand community scientists made over 10,279 observations of kererū, with a total of 21,509 kererū counted. This is well up on last year’s Count of 6,700 observations and 14,248 kererū. This year’s observations and number of kererū counted are the highest ever seen.

“I can’t thank people enough for their contribution to growing the scientific understanding how kererū are doing across New Zealand,” says Great Kererū Count coordinator, Tony Stoddard.

“It is absolutely heart-warming to see so many people across NZ taking part in the count – from ...more ↓

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Great Kererū Count 2020 is on the way! 🥰💜

18 September to 27 September

Come join the fun from the 18th to 27th September 2020 for the Great Kererū Count, NZ’s only large-scale community science project dedicated to kererū.

Kererū are as Kiwi as kiwi! Kererū only ...more ↓

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