Field trip to Halswell Domain

On 23rd May 2019, @thebuglady , @murray_dawson , @bradleyherbert , and @richbiosecurity visited Halswell Domain on a field trip with 25 students and two teachers from Halswell School. While there Rich Langley (ECan) and Ian Hankin (DOC) taught the class about "Weeds of Waterways" before the students recorded weeds and cultivated plants growing in the domain grounds.

A special thanks to @esler for helping to identify our observations.

See for a write-up of our ...more ↓

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Local weed observations by Halswell School, as part of the Unlocking Curious Minds 'Great Weeds Hunt of Aotearoa' project funded by MBIE and 'Weeds of Waterways' funded by the Brian Mason Trust.

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