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May 25, 2022


Hello Everyone,

Since starting at 3 members, we're seeing growth and currently at 53 members! Currently over 25,000 observations of 62 species is an excellent place to be! We're at a great start for Blanding's, Spotted, Wood and Box Turtle observations and now is a great time to find more! Keep an eye out for these focal species and thank you for your enthusiasm in helping us learn more about them.

-DNR Team

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May 03, 2022

Welcome to Herps of Michigan!

Welcome to the Department of Natural Resources' Herps of Michigan project! This project's goal is to collect data on the reptiles and amphibians of Michigan, with an emphasis on rare species. We will have different focuses, so watch for future posts detailing new needs.

Our current focus is on Blanding's, wood, spotted, and box turtles. The Blanding's, wood, and spotted turtles are going through the threatened and endangered species review process under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. To better inform that process, we are asking for observations on these species. The box turtle is a focal species of the Michigan Wildlife Action Plan (https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/managing-resources/wildlife/wap).

By joining the project, and making us a trusted source, we will be able to collect location data on these observations – a critical step in understanding distributions and informing conservation. Don't worry, no one else will be able to see those locations. To update your project membership, click on the "Your membership" button on the project's home screen in the top right of the screen. Select one of the "Yes" options under "Trust this project with hidden coordinates".

Thank you for your passion for Michigan's natural resources

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