LAB 2 - Journal Entry

1) On the phylogenic tree I found that the Gingko trees (one of the ones I observed) are members of "Acrogymospermae" and that those are a part of "Seed plants" (or Gymospermae!) which is under "Land plants", under "Plants alveolate, brown algae and more" and obviously all under "Eukaryotes".

2) One similarity between all of our tree types is that they all have some kind of coarse bark that protects the core of the tree and allows it to grow taller to get more sunlight and that they all have some leafy areas that act as electron receptors to start photosynthesis!

3) One primary difference between my Willow tree and all the others' trees that I learned through research about them is that Willow trees are abnormally good at hybridizing (breeding with others in the same Genus of Willows but in a different Species than themselves). Supposedly, this makes them more resistant to disease and in some cases grow faster!

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