Our first visitor!

Thanks very much to @jacqui-nz for coming to visit and touring so much of the site, making all those beautiful obs and providing a bit of a preview as to what a 2018 Re-survey will reveal!

Your ID on site of a Cretan brake was also very useful; we now know what it is, and that it's a common weed of restoration. Its days are numbered.

Thanks also for your help with creating an Project that people can see a link to in the Obs pages. For anyone else wondering how to achieve that, we had to create a "Traditional" Project...this one.

We now await a burst of creativity to make a suitable 950x400 image for its banner.

The corresponding Place for this Collection of Observations is "Kaipatiki Creek Reserve". It encompasses the same area as the Kaipatiki Restoration Project of 1997 - ie Kaipatiki Creek and its banks, from Easton Park Parade to the Estuary, and from ...more ↓

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Discover and track the historical and current ecology of Kaipatiki Creek Reserve, Glenfield, North Shore Auckland. Tracks are being walked and observations made throughout the Reserve, from Easton Park Parade opposite Glenfield college, to the Estuary at the Eastern end of Eskdale Forest, and the cliffs below the Witheford and Pemberton Rd neighbourhoods.

To help assess what has ...more ↓

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