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Click on "OBSERVATIONS" at top
Choose LIST view
Choose the Column "Observed" to order by Date observed.
Change back to GRID view - the oldest obs will now be at the bottom (rather than the first to have been uploaded).

If you prefer not to do this, the numbers in the lower right corner of each GRID thumbnail show the time since observation - "1m" means one month ago, etc.

NB Whatever the Order, when there are a lot of Observations in a Project, the last pages can take quite a few seconds to load...

All this applies to all Projects, but is worth doing for those to which observations have been uploaded long after making them, as in the case of mini-site monitoring observations like this one.

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Kikuyu previously mown, from about 4 m wide through the arena, to about 1 metre wide through the Apron, to about 5m wide through the Annexe (where it was not the sole grass species, being accompanied by paspalum spp and others)

In June 2018 mowing in Gahnia Grove ceased, and this area was managed by pullback from both uphill (from a border created of piled drying vine and shrub weeds) ...more ↓

kaipatiki_naturewatch created this project on November 27, 2018
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