Your Yard May Be Home to More Wildlife Than You Realize.

This sort of terrain, between the settled and the unsettled land, is known as the wildland-urban interface, or WUI. Each decade, the interface is carefully mapped by the Forest Service as part of its fire-safety precautions. The last effort was in 2010, and it found that almost one in three people in the United States lived in the WUI and that it was the fastest-growing residential region in the country. Covering 10 percent of the map, the WUI runs through the fringes of suburbs and exurbs and in the gaps they never quite fill, but it also creeps into our metropolises. In Los Angeles, where I live, I can see it from my apartment in two different spots: right in the middle of the city where the Santa Monica Mountains run, and again to the east along the San Gabriels.

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