"Lukel a Klengar: Ngardok Nature Reserve, Melekeok"'s Journal

June 11, 2019

Next Step of Kick Off event: Enjoy identification of your photos and the other participants in the event

We were so amazed to know that the reserve is so rich in beautiful orchids, ferns and fungi and so on.
Now, all participants and non-participants in the event in the world can help to identify species of photos taken at the Kick Off event as well as after the event.

You will learn how to identify species from the following web sites which were recently updated by iNatutalist.

The role of the researchers and naturalists who are specialists of identification of various taxa of plants and wildlife in Palau is very important. We would like to ask those excellent specialists to identify species, as there are many endemic species and in the reserve. If these specialists identify species, it would help ordinary people to identity correctly after that.
As a result, all of us will be able to make our observation to research level and then to contribute to accumulate global biodiversity data, such as the GBIF(Global Biodiversity Information Facility) . The GBIF is free and open access to biodiversity data which everyone can use for research, education and conservation.


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June 08, 2019

Thanks for joining and supporting the Kick Off Event!

The Kick-off event was organized by Omar Faustino, Program Manager of Melekeok Conservation Network, Dr. Hiromi Kobori, Distinguished Professor at Tokyo City University, and Dr. Theresa Lally, Program Director of the San Diego State University /PCC BA Program. The event was held on June 6th at the Ngardok Nature Reserve. There were over 70 participants consisting of residents from the local Melekeok community, high school students, two researchers from the Belau National Museum, professors and students from New York State University, JICA Palau Office staff, partner agencies and sponsors of the Reserve. The activities started at 9:30 am with welcome remarks by Mr. Jefferson Thomas, Chairman of the Ngardok Nature Reserve, followed by special remarks from Honorable Henaro Polloi, the Governor of Melekeok State. Professor Hiromi Kobori (Tokyo City University) gave a lecture about the project, followed by information on how to register iNaturalist by Mr. Omar Faustino.
At 11:00 am, participants were divided in to seven groups. For 1.5 hours the groups took photos of plants and wildlife in the Reserve using their smart phones with the iNaturalist app. It was a fun competition to see what group recorded the most observations and species. After lunch, participants shared the results and information. The website of the Reserve remained open until 7:00 pm on June 7th as many participants could not upload the photos under the canopy of tropical rainforest.
By the end of the event recorded 90 observations, 24 species, and 11 observers.
The iNaturalist app is now open to everyone to download on their cell phone. When you visit the Ngardok Nature Reserve, feel free to upload your observations in the iNaturalist app. This is a great way for locals and visitors alike to observe and record Palau’s diverse ecosystem.
Thanks so much to all the dignitaries and participants for making this event a success. Feel free to contact Omar Faustino if you have any questions about the iNaturalist app.

Omar Faustino, Program Manager of Melekeok Conservation Network,
Dr. Hiromi Kobori, Distinguished Professor, Tokyo City University
Dr. Theresa Lally, SDSU/PCC BA Program Director

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May 30, 2019

video+tutorials of iNaturalist

Hi everyone,
If you are interested in learning more about iNaturalist, visit the following URL and enjoy videos.


In video video+tutorials, you will enjoy the following topics.
Adding an Observation on a Mobile Device
Adding on Observation via the Web
How to Take Identifiable Photos
How to Use the Identify Page
Geotagging DSLR Photos in the Field
Duplicating an Observation
Adding a photo or sound to an Observation
Exploring Observations with iNaturalist


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May 27, 2019

How to identifying Organisms

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