I Was Kidding When I Said Maybe We Can Hit 1000 Species!

And yet here we are, at 1,009 species as of 4:50 PM on the 21st, with seven hours to go. This is almost five times the number of species observed in the same three days last year! Frankly, I am astonished and thrilled - and I think Dave Small is, too.

Since there are so many observations already, with probably a few hundred left to be uploaded, we're going to say that the uploading and confirmation period for this interlude extends through next Sunday, the 28th. All observations must be made by midnight EDT tonight, but after that, please continue uploading till you're done.

Most importantly, please help confirm other observers' identifications. In fact, if you happen to know an expert in robber flies or stonefly exuviae or little black beetles, feel free to point them toward the unconfirmed observations here. We'll make another post with the numbers early Monday morning, but the final wrap-up summary will come after the 28th.

Thank you, everyone, I've had a ball this weekend and we hope you have, too!

--- Lynn Harper

Posted by lynnharper lynnharper, June 21, 2020 20:59



Thanks to all who thought of putting this event together. Let's get that Research Grade % up!

Posted by mmulqueen about 2 months ago (Flag)

This was SO much fun!

Posted by laura71 about 2 months ago (Flag)

So much fun! Thanks @davidhsmall for letting me know about it!

Posted by jformanorth about 2 months ago (Flag)

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