550 species and a question

Wow, we just hit 550 species in our Moths of Oklahoma project!

I am "subscribed" to all Lepidoptera observations in Oklahoma, so my daily digest email from iNaturalist includes a list of Lep observations that have been posted over the last 24 hours. I use this to make sure new moth observations are added to the project. I have been including caterpillars of moths, as I think it makes sense to include these in our assessment of Oklahoma's moth diversity. What are your thoughts: include moth caterpillars or only moths in adult form? Please comment.

I would hope that if we chose to include both that over time we will end up with a nice repository of both adults and caterpillars of most of our species.

Posted by zdufran zdufran, June 15, 2018 13:58



A moth is a moth, adult or caterpillar. I say bring em all on!

Posted by salticidude about 2 years ago (Flag)

Just an FYI -- I did a search for the "moths" in Oklahoma, and the numbers are a touch different than in the 'project.' I'm not sure which ones are lacking in the project though... For what it's worth, here's the link:


Posted by sambiology about 2 years ago (Flag)

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