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Mt Chocolate is the name given to a 10,000 square meter paddock (1 Ha, or 2.5 acre). The semi-rural location is on the edge of town in Clifton, Invercargill, NZ. On one side are houses and on the other rolling farmland. Mt Chocolate was formerly pasture that had been over grazed in recent years by horses and cattle. It was originally Miro swamp forest that was burned by a major fire in 1905.

The land was purchased on August 1 2014 to build a family home and art studio for the owners Mike & Tracy Peters.

In September 2014, the entire paddock was sprayed with Glysophate to kill all grass and weeds and to expose a mountain of buried rubbiish.

A loaned digger (back-hoe) from a neighbour was used to break up the compacted soil and all buried rubbish was carefully removed. This took 2 years.

Planting of NZ native species began in June 2015 in areas where the damaged soil structure had been repaired.

A native plant nursery has been established on ...more ↓

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A record of the observations made at Mt Chocolate, a nature conservation project in Invercargill, New Zealand.

70 Severn St, Clifton, Invercargill, NZ

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