"I've never seen so much rubbish on a beach in my life." Awhitu Peninsula, Auckland

'Des Watson has been on a mission the past year scouring New Zealand's coastlines for plastic waste, but says he has never seen anything as bad as a little beach just south of Auckland. The sheer amount, and tiny small plastic pellets, made Watson think it was coming from industry. He believed the source of it could be from stormwater outlets in Auckland, going into the Manukau Harbour, and potentially from plastic factories.'

NZ Herald article, read more:

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The purpose of this project is to photograph and document how organisms are affected by plastic in the marine environment of New Zealand. This could be death by fishing line, goose barnacles growing on a plastic bottle, or discarded tyres creating an artificial habitat, etc.

For observations of organisms affected by plastic in New Zealand's terrestrial environment, please add ...more ↓

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