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For a good while now a small group of us has been tagging NZ plant observations across NatureWatch NZ (now iNaturalist NZ) with flowering and fruiting fields. These fields will make it easy for researchers to document and track changes in flowering and fruiting times of NZ plants.

We've just made the NZ Plant Phenology project to make it easier for everyone to use these fields.

When you add an observation to this project you will be shown the list of our standard plant phenology fields (flower buds, flowering, immature fruit/seeds,mature fruit/seeds, seeds dispersed, most common flowering/fruiting stage, etc.). This will work on the app or the website, with old and new observations.

You can only access observation fields via projects on the iNaturalist app so this gives you a way to properly label your plant photos with phenology from the app. Be sure to join the project and then it will be available from any observation on your app.

We've also added the two relevant interaction fields (flowers visited by, and fruit eaten by) so you can quickly add on any interactions between your plant's flowers or fruit and the animals they rely on.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments. Happy plant watching.

Posted by jon_sullivan jon_sullivan, April 13, 2018 08:21 PM


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