North side - 07/14/21

Wednesday 9:20-11:00 am: no newts.
Weather - nice.
Other roadkills: bees and wasps.
Coverage: from the parking lot to the second stop sign. I missed two weeks, as I was out of town.
Traffic: 14 trucks, 52 cars, 4 bikes, 5 pedestrians, and 22 cars parked by the road and in the parking lots (6 cars at the far lot).
County Roads is repaving another part of the road - from the first parking lot to about Limekiln. Parking is not allowed by the road, and at Limekiln. And no, no one was thinking about implementing any newt crossing solutions.
A link to all my observations of the day -

Posted by merav merav, July 14, 2021 21:29


I'm curious how the County Roads folks react when you ask about whether anyone's thinking about newt crossings.

Posted by newtpatrol 5 months ago (Flag)

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