What can we find this weekend?

Congrats to user mandijyn, who logged the most species in the first 24 hours of Project Stay Planted, besting even our staff participants and earning a special prize package! That’s right—we're giving prizes during the project, so get out there and log your plant, fungi, and lichen observations.

If you have signed up for the project and haven’t made an observation yet, take a few minutes this weekend and just snap a photo of the first plant you see outside to get a feel for how easy it is. Once you start, it’s hard to stop! In fact, I’ve heard more than one project participant call it “addictive.”

For me, I’ve been stunned at the diversity beneath my feet. On Wednesday, I slowed down and took my time to survey an area I walk by every day. I sounded like Ariel, the Little Mermaid, as I marveled, “What’s this? What’s THIS? What’s this!” with every step. Common bogbuttons carpeting the earth, pineland rayless goldenrod poking up like little rays of sunshine, smilax species competing against each other as they wrapped around other plants—I had been overlooking all these plants, and many more I found. Now, I have a connection to them and can check in with them on future walks!

It looks like we’ll get some much-needed rain in Southwest Florida this weekend. Rain seems to be in the forecast, too, for our project participants in Missouri, New Hampshire, and Texas! April showers do bring May flowers, I suppose. How about this weekend, in between rain showers, we all go out and find a flower that is new to us? Look for one you’ve maybe seen, but whose name you don’t know. Learning a plant name doesn’t have to be intimidating—just think of it like you’re learning the name of a new friend.

Happy bioblitzing!

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