Ready to start taking data!

Dear BI 100L students,

Wednesday's sections will go to Paseo Park to record their observations. We are still settling the schedule for other days.

Make sure your phones are able to record geolocation (turn location services "on" if you don't see geocoordinates), and remember to take a photo of each tree you record.

TAs will have baggies with thumbtacks and flagging tape to mark trees, and a meter stick for each team.

If you have questions or problems with the app, email me - I'll try to solve them as quickly as possible.

Happy surveying!


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This project is to assess damage to coconut trees (Cocos nucifera) by Rhino Beetles (CRB) on Guam, for the University of Guam's Environmental Biology Class (Bi 100L). This is the second iteration of this project.

We hope these data will be useful for UOG's Cooperative Extension Service, USDA, & GovGuam Agencies for tracking damage to coconut tree resources.

Typically, we ...more ↓

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